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4 ways healthcare BPO partnerships deliver

By Austin Ridgeway, Director, Sales Support and Business Development, HGS Healthcare Healthcare has definitely been making strides toward providing a member and patient experience to rival consumer-centric disruption of other industries. But while healthcare has been slightly behind the B2C curve, payers and providers are actually leading other industries when it comes to leveraging business […]

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Provider database management: Getting it right

By Priya Sabharwal, HGS Practice Leader, Network Operations; and Priyankar Bhattacharya, Senior Manager, Business Excellence The nearly 8.8 million Americans who purchased healthcare coverage during the latest ACA enrollment season—along with the tens of millions who got coverage through other means—will be using their insurer’s network directories to find a provider. Unfortunately, many of those […]

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Re-engineer, automate to avoid claims errors

By Manjunath; Practice Lead, Claims Adjudication; HGS Healthcare claims management is a focal point of potential transformation for payers and providers alike. The global healthcare claims management market is expected to reach $13.93 billion by 2023, up from a valuation of $10.16 billion in 2017, according to MarketsandMarkets. According to the Council for Affordable Quality […]

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